Saturday, 31 December 2011

Less than grand opening.

Hello, I am Chelsea and it is new years eve, the perfect time to start a blog. I always make resolutions I don't keep past  01-01-YYYY 00:01 So I am starting one that I intend to continue.

New Years Resolutions 2012;
  1. Blog. CHECK
  2. Read more books rather than stare at them. 
  3. Get out and about more...(television is mind numbing and useless!)
  4. Visit more galleries and exihibitions. (essential seeing as I claim to be an artist)
  5. Make atleast 10 drawings a week.
  6. Make more of an effort in my wardrobe...Jeans and T-shirt has become unbearably boring and plain. 
  7. Document everything and anything interesting on a camera.
  8. Learn how to use a camera. (SLR)
  9. Build strong real friendships and write letters. (less social netwroking) 
  10. Form opinions, read novels, lectures, watch the news with the sound on, educate myself.
  11. Learn French.
  12. Master my own style of portraiture.
  13. Learn to cook.
  14. Have dinner parties.

This is a big year for me, I turn 18 in March, and I go off to uni in september (hopefully). Well thats it. But still big events!

Over and out.