Monday, 2 January 2012

'Too fiery to be a Mary' (self Portrait) -2012

This is about my mother always telling me I could be a model, but I was too nice for the catty industry. Little does she know that art can sometimes feel worse. For example If you don't read books, have correct grammar, if your not bi-lingual, If you watch soaps! This is my reply. In an unarming method of humour. This as my debutant piece of work if you like...saying I am here and will not be told i'm stupid. Or even ugly.

Visual language: my intention in composing myself.

  • I have greasy, un brushed hair, thrown about.
  • I have spots seen in shots where the light catches them.
  • I am wearing one of my mothers work dresses. (which I have never seen her wear) 
  • The back drop is an un-ironed bed sheet. (the only white sheet I had- think arte povera)
 The title refers to a thought that I had recently. I have been in pursuit of being a perfect, righteous woman, who would go on to change the world. Then I realised that I am 17. I don't Iron -after an incident where I burnt a vivid iron mark into the carpet by dropping it, but then also in another attempt at ironing a shirt I burnt my fingers by going to grab it metal plate first! Now I do not iron. Not for a while yet anyway- I rarely brush my hair-it's curly I have not yet learned how to tame it and brush it in one go- then as I got onto this list I am only 17 a woman in the making. Definately will never be perfect. So I decided -pursuit of Maryism aside- to do what I was created to do! To be an artist. To not just be a woman, but to educate myself, to experience cultures. I shall use the voice that the suffragettes gave me! (using that the internet gives me)

Watch this space. Chelsea.